OmWater GRATITUDE 123 cl



OmWater Gratitude, Love for Water

Our OmWater Gratitude Bottle is our first product. Combining the golden ratio (a structure found in nature), the Om symbol (the sound of creation), the color blue to solarise the water, the seed of life revitalizing from the bottom and the power of gratitude, the bottle is designed to raise the vibration of water and of those who use it.

The daily use of our Gratitude Bottle enables us to merge with that vibration of gratitude as well as connecting with others and our environment. It is an invitation to use the daily act of drinking water as an opportunity to enhance a sense of gratitude for all that life is giving us. Our Bottle promotes a global well-beingness that is benefiting us in our daily lives and open us to joyfully receive the wonders that life has to offer.